The Stepping Off Place

The Stepping Off Place

A Contemporary Young Adult Novel

Available July 2020

Cameron Kelly Rosenblum tackles friendship, grief, and mental health in her stunning, YA contemporary realistic debut. Perfect for fans of All the Bright Places and We Were Liars.

Reid doesn’t know how to exist without her best friend and social oxygen, Hattie. They’ve been inseparable since middle school. And now, the summer before senior year, Reid finds herself in the thick of Scofield High’s in-crowd, all because of Hattie.

But days before Hattie is due home from her summer vacation in Maine, Reid gets the news that Hattie has drowned. Reid is in utter disbelief, especially when she learns it’s ruled a suicide. Driven by bone-deep loyalty and a desperate need to understand, Reid searches for answers. In doing so, she uncovers painful secrets about the person she thought she knew better than herself. And the truth will force Reid to reexamine everything.


About Cameron Kelly Rosenblum

Homepage and above photo credit: Maryjane Johnston

I grew up in southern Connecticut and have loved stories in every form all my life. In fourth grade, Mr. Timpanelli read aloud one I’d written about a harrowing dog-walk. When everyone laughed at all the right moments, I decided I’d become an author when I grew up.

I studied English Literature at Kenyon College and earned my M.Ed. from Lesley University. After teaching in the classroom for a while, I scored the amazing job of children’s librarian, which keeps me immersed in great books constantly. It inspired me to try my hand at middle grade fiction, but when I tried writing in Reid’s voice for The Stepping Off Place, I felt like I’d come home.

I live with my husband, son and daughter in southern Maine with two dogs, a cat, and two rabbits my daughter talked me into after she’d been away at summer camp for three weeks. The Stepping Off Place is my first novel.

Other Fun Facts:

My birthday is Christmas Day. My grandfather Kelly always told me he saw Santa Claus place me me under the tree like a present, which I loved. (My big sister had other feelings.)

I’ve definitely seen at least two ghosts in my lifetime. I have witnesses. For real. 

On a college road trip, I had the chilling experience of driving alongside a person who looked a lot like me in a car exactly like my quirky VW Rabbit convertible on a deserted Ohio highway. I spent years trying to think of how I could use it to start a novel. I hope you’ll read how I did in The Stepping Off Place.


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