Homepage and above photo credit: Maryjane Johnston

Homepage and above photo credit: Maryjane Johnston

About Cameron Kelly Rosenblum

I grew up in southern Connecticut and have loved stories in every form all my life. In fourth grade, Mr. Timpanelli read aloud one I’d written about a harrowing dog-walk. When everyone laughed at all the right moments, I decided I’d become an author when I grew up.

I studied English Literature at Kenyon College and earned my M.Ed. from Lesley University. After teaching in the classroom for a while, I scored the amazing job of children’s librarian, which keeps me immersed in great books constantly. It inspired me to try my hand at middle grade fiction, but when I tried writing in Reid’s voice for The Stepping Off Place, I felt like I’d come home.

I live with my husband, son and daughter in southern Maine with two dogs, a cat, and two rabbits my daughter talked me into after she’d been away at summer camp for three weeks. The Stepping Off Place is my first novel.

Other Fun Facts:

My birthday is Christmas Day. My grandfather Kelly always told me he saw Santa Claus place me me under the tree like a present, which I loved. (My big sister had other feelings.)

I’ve definitely seen at least two ghosts in my lifetime. I have witnesses. For real. 

On a college road trip, I had the chilling experience of driving alongside a person who looked a lot like me in a car exactly like my quirky VW Rabbit convertible on a deserted Ohio highway.  I spent years trying to think of how I could use it to start a novel. I hope you’ll read how I did in The Stepping Off Place.